I know you love your kids –
but now it’s time for someone to take care of you.

That’s why I’ve carved out a corner of the internet
that is dedicated to your health and fitness.

Mother, but also a woman.
I’m here to help you feel like #ahealthybabe


Alexandra is a triple threat in the world of wellness. She is a plant-based chef, a holistic nutritionist, and a certified personal trainer. 

As a private chef, most days you will find her cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. She selectively takes online clients to help them be the healthiest they can throughout their pregnancy.

Outside of the kitchen you will find her walking around her home town of Seattle, climbing in the surrounding mountains, and enjoying local eateries.

Institute of Holistic Nutritionist



1-on-1 nutrition coaching
optimal nourishment for you and your growing babe

to help nourish you and your growing babe

Congrats! You’re taking the first step towards bettering your health through our nutrition coaching practice. Because we have limited client availability, we review each application to make sure it’s the best fit for everyone involved. After you fill this application out, you’ll immediately be able to schedule your free 10-minute consult with


Personalized Meals Post Birth
time to have your own private chef