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plant-based chef

If I was told to describe my cooking style it would be a mashup of Matty Matheson plus kale and lemon water.

Some chaos in the kitchen with a lot of plants. My cooking tutorials are basic and uncomplicated. My recipes are open-ended and experimental.

I aim to teach you how to eat healthy in a simple, straightforward way.

holistic nutritionist

In the “nutrition basics” portion of this website, you will find all the hot subjects in health and wellness.

I take complex nutritional topics and break them down into short digestible bites. So you can understand the basics in only a few minutes.

Don’t expect to find the latest detox and you might as well forget about health fads. This science-based guide will help you get informed about what you’re putting on your plate.


Remember, this website is designed to make this whole wellness thing seem easy. I’m all about helping you make small changes by taking baby steps towards a healthier daily diet.

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