How to Eat More Greens

They are also incredibly easy to work into your daily diet with a few simple tricks.

Chiffonade. Learn the word – look it up. Basically, you cut these fibrous hearty greens down into tiny little pieces.

Why? Because holding a bushel of kale or swiss chard for this first time can be a little daunting. Once you’ve given those greens a quick chiffonade they can be mixed in with rice, eggs, or even mac and cheese. And I’ll bet you can hardly even taste it.

The next trick is the sautee. Yes queen, I am a chef and let me tell you this is the oldest trick in the book.

Watch two large handfuls of spinach become a tiny clump of greens after a quick sautee on your frying pan. Add it to pasta sauce, stir fry, or even dress it up with lemon and freshly grated cheese. It’s a treat. And you’ll hardly even realize you’ve just eaten three times your daily requirement for Vitamin K.

My last quick tip is smoothies. Berries, oat milk, and greens are the best boost to your day. Any of the greens listed above can disappear into a smoothie. Smoothies are one of my favorite ways to pack a punch with greens. I can dump half a box of spinach into my blender and still end up with a delicious drink.

All these tips are how to make greens disapear into your dinner. But in time, you will be less daunted by these dark leafs. Soon you will be using them as features in your meal and not sprinkles. Another gradualy shift in your diet, that once routine, will become part of your lifestyle.